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Harry - Adopted

Harry, 1-1/4-yo neutered male


Harry is a beautiful youngster, weighing 50 pounds. He has been a loved Airedale living with an older couple and their parrots since he was a pup, but the man’s illness has made it necessary for Harry to find his forever home.


He has been fostered by a wonderful, Airedale-experienced woman who adores him, but he is too energetic for her. Harry’s world was very small because of his previous owner’s illness and the fact he had to be crated so much. Harry hasn’t been taught not to pick up things with his mouth, so he has to test everything he sees with his mouth. He even ate a piece of his ceramic food bowl when he was 6 months old and had to have surgery. No one has been successful in changing this behavior, but we know that it is possible.


Harry loves other dogs and wants to play with them so badly that he will pull very hard on his leash. That’s another thing that his forever people will have to work on, but he’s young and his brain is like a sponge, so he can be trained! His previous owners did not have a fenced yard so he was only leash-walked. In his foster home, he did have a nice fenced-in yard and loved to play fetch with balls and toys. He wants to be with his people and wants them to play with him.


Harry has been on heartworm and flea/tick preventatives continually and is very healthy. He loves to walk, run, or hike, and he loves everyone he meets. He will bark as a protective Airedale should if someone new comes to your door. Because he has not been around children, we would not recommend a home with small children. He would be fine with adolescents and they would be great to help him expend some of his Airedale energy.


Are you the one who can welcome Harry into your home and:


teach him how to walk well on leash;


teach him to not pick up everything off the ground or on the floor;


teach him not to try to eat whatever he finds on your coffee table;


provide both mental and physical stimulation that a young Airedale needs; and


love and protect him for the rest of his life?


If so, and if you live in our region: NC, SC, TN, GA, or AL, please read about our adoption process here: then submit your application.  


To apply, complete the online application.

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