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Boone returned to ARG and is with our trainer in Florence SC.  Boone is a sweet boy who needs boundaries.  

Boone is a 7-year-old male, 68-pound neutered male surrendered by a breeder in AL he is heartworm positive and although treated with a Prohart injection for slow-kill of heartworms, he is now undergoing full treatment.  He is currently on doxy, then will rest for 30 days, then have his first injection for treatment followed by a rest period before the second treatment. 

Here's what our training says after just 1 week with Boone: "I have all good things to say about this big boy. He attaches very quickly and readily seeks affection. If you excite him with a lot of rapid touch and voice he gets excited and very mouthy.  He does have a very hard mouth. He just does not know any better. The use of his mouth is with no intent other than to acknowledge you . I slow down, remove my hands let him calm, and then resume calm touch. He learns that the touch he seeks goes away when he uses his mouth.

He is heavy with his mouth when taking food from your hand. I work on getting him back away from me and waiting so he is more thoughtful of the exchange process. I only release the treat when he starts using his tongue to try and pull it out. In general, he is just not very aware of the use of his mouth and with his huge head and teeth, it is easy for him to do damage. 

He is completely compliant with good leash handling. He could easily pull someone down if he is allowed to get out in front and set the pace especially if the handler is not aware of the surroundings.  He walked in and out of the vet office this week with a waiting room full of dogs including one lunging in his direction. He did not so much as turn his head.  He was very popular at the vet office this week. After giving him about 10 mins to relax the staff came in one by one to greet him and he was very friendly. He had no issue with being handled and examined by the vet.

We did our usual slow dog introductions at the house with only a distance view and scent for the first day. Then with my dogs in the outdoor runs, I walked Boone within site of the dogs. Boone did not even look over. I walked him along the pen and again no interest. The next day I put Boone in a large fenced area without a leash and let my dogs go out to the pen and greet. All tail wags from him and very sweet with the little one. He actually seems to have no real interest in interacting with the dogs. He wags, sniffs, and walks off. If I am within sight he never takes his eyes off of me.

He does love to play with toys. He already has a favorite Go Nut toy. I can reach down and grab the toy. He does not necessarily want to give it up but not growling or claiming.

Boone is an absolutely fabulous dog and he deserves a very special person. It is his turn in life. I think he would be happiest as an only dog or with an older calm dog. He seems to have no interest in dog play.

He is located in SC and will be available for adoption in AL, GA, NC, SC, or TN. We will consider an out-of-region adoption if you live in a state nearby and have been approved by your region to adopt. We would consider adoption to MS and FL if there is a strong interest and an approved applicant.


To apply, complete the online application.

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