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Boone Needs His Home!! We are begging and pleading. This boy is a sweetheart and deserves to beloved in his very own home. Please open your hearts to this boy and love him.

"In true Airedale fashion, he had already taken care of the stitches himself." Andrew, manager of the boarding kennel, says that Boone would be a flight risk in an electronic fence. Boone does not know how to gently take a treat from your hand. He doesn't break the skin but will bite your entire hand. Someone needs to teach him "Gentle." He is very affectionate with Andrew and with Chris, who has taken him to the vet 2-3 times. He allows them to love on him and hug him with his face next to theirs. Poor guy just wants to be loved and in a quiet environment after so long in boarding.

Boone is looking so good!!! He has waited a long time and he forever home. Are you his new family?

If you cannot adopt, can you foster him so we can get him out of boarding??

Boone is a 7-year-old male surrendered by a breeder in AL. Boone has been groomed. He is has had his vaccines. Boone is neutered, mildly heartworm positive and has received a Prohart injection for slow-kill of heartworms.

Boone is looking for a loving home where he can live out his senior years the rest of his life, which could be 5 years or more, in comfort. He is sweet and loving and energetic. He wants to play and be with you. Boone deserves to be doted on.

Boone prefers no small dogs, no cats and no e-fence (flight risk).  He may do okay with neutered male dogs with a cautious introduction.

He is located in AL and will be available for adoption in AL, GA, NC, SC, or TN. We will consider an out of region adoption if you live in a state near by and have been approved by your region to adopt.

We would consider adoption to MS and FL if there is strong interest and an approved applicant.


To apply, complete the online application.

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