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Pearl- Adopted

Pearl, Airedale, DOB: 10-29-2017; weight 50 lbs.

Pearl has been the only dog of a woman living alone in TN who has just had a heart attack and can no longer care for her.  Pearl has no health issues, no injuries, and no allergies. She's had ongoing consistent health care and is up to date on all vaccines, and testing, and has been on heartworm and flea/tick preventatives continually. 


She is a very sweet dog who loves her mom and likes other people. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She gets excited when she meets others and will jump up when excited. She is housebroken, has a fenced yard, likes to go in the car, and is tolerant of grooming but doesn't like her feet fooled with. She was crate trained as a pup but hasn't used a crate in years; she has free roam of the house.


Pearl walks well on a leash and is friendly to other dogs although she is rarely around other dogs. She'll bark at them but doesn't lunge or growl. She's ok with kids but gets excited and may be too exuberant for them. The owner uses a gentle leader when she has to take Pearl in the car, but she's good with it.


This Aire-girl has had a very small world and hasn't been exposed to a lot of different people, places, and situations. She needs to learn to live in a larger world. She is bored. She needs much more exercise and mental stimulation than she has received.  She does like to play ball.


Throughout her stay at this clinic, were communicating with one person who is overseeing the kennel and Pearl's recuperation from spay surgery. Here are her comments:   She was very wiggly for her groom. She did not like the bath very much, but she did alright. She's been great with our kennel staff. She is very sweet and very affectionate. She gives kisses and loves to play.


Pearl has been in 2 foster to adopt situations.  The first home, the older dog got very sick and the foster asked us to move her.  The second foster home, she overwhelmed the male Airedale in the home.  Pearl is a very high energy player, which if a person is unfamiliar with Airedale play,  it can look almost aggressive.   We are recommending her be an only Airedale for this reason and do not recommend dog parks.  She does good on leash but can be a puller and will need some reminder training.  She loves to play ball so a fenced yard is preferred.   She does settle herself in on the furniture so that would be something to consider.


She is located in GA and will be available for adoption in AL, GA, NC, SC or TN. . 


To apply, complete the online application.

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