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Sammie - Adopted Jan23

Sammie is a 5 yr old spayed female Airedale weighing in at 56 pounds located in GA. Sammie was adopted from ARG in 2021. She is a very sweet dog and her family loves her beyond compare. There are so many positives about Sammie.

  • She is loyal to her humans and wants to do well

  • She is caring and follows her people everywhere

  • She has manners when it comes to sit, stay, wait, down, waiting to be released for her food, and heel. She knows how to heel but is a stubborn and strong hunter that gets easily distracted. Distractions vary from leaves, frogs, sticks, bees, squirrels, chipmunks, wind, humans, and of course dogs and cats.

  • She is protective of her home and her people

  • She will greet visitors and settle quickly once they are inside our home

  • She gets rambunctious with kids but easily tolerates loud noises, loud kids, and lots of kids coming at her to pet her and get attention. She must be on a leash and reminded not to jump and to go easy because she thinks she is a small dog

  • She is house-trained and goes potty when walked or taken out into the yard. She does not bark at the door to be let out, so we keep her on a solid routine

  • She is an excellent car rider who loves to have the wind in her face and to smell all the smells

  • She loves a good pup cup

  • She can be left alone in the house and will nap in her bed without disturbing things. Initially, she would chew a kid’s toy when they were left out. We are now careful to make sure she doesn’t have the opportunity and keep things out of her each

  • She loves her toys and carries her favorite toy of the day around the house

  • She sleeps through the night and will come to wake you up if she must go potty before her regular wake-up time

  • She does well with being groomed and tolerates the full routine. She is a bit sensitive about her feet and will let you know when overstepping her comfort zone

  • She does well with ear cleaning and getting her teeth brushed

  • We bathe her in between grooming appointments and while baths are not her favorite, she does enjoy the attention

  • She is good with the vet and at the groomer and loves car rides.


Sammie has an extremely high prey drive.  The current family has provided extensive training working with a professional trainer. The current family has diligently worked with professional trainers, exercising and maintaining a consistent environment but she continues to be highly driven. Her strength makes it a struggle to manage her while also maintaining safety for everyone involved. They must be on constant alert to ensure that what’s in the area around her is seen to make sure she isn’t going to lunge and drag you along for the ride.

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